Patient Management

You have a limited amount of time with each patient, and that time is critical. The words you and your staff use can produce feelings of anxiety or create an atmosphere  of trust. So what can you do and say that will develop a healthy relationship with each patient? Now, Eubank Teaching Institute is offering an improved Diagnostic Box course to help you deal effectively with patient communication.

Building high quality, fee for service practice is dependent on the practioner's ability to "see" all of the elements that exist in any given patient's current oral condition and then to develop a plan for comprehensive care that creates true value, and trust, in the the patient's eyes. This course will teach everything needed to turn comprehensive care into a reality.  Systems, forms, diagnostic tools, methods of analysis, case presentation techniques, financial arrangements, and verbal skill will be offered in the actual journey of your patient through the patient management diagnosis and treatment planning course.

You will learn:

  • Learn how to handle a patient from the time they call until they make the decision to proceed with treatment.
  • Learn the two most powerful tools in dentistry for case acceptance.
  • Learn verbal skills that enable patients to recognize the value of their treatment.
  • Learn how to analyze and treatment plan using a step by step treatment planning guide (the ultimate "cookbook" for your practice)
  • Learn what records are needed to properly treatment plan a case.
  • Learn how analyze wear facets on models and how they impact the treatment plan.
  • Learn how to use special photographic views to educate your patient.
  • Learn how to perform an "in the mouth mock-up."
  • Learn how to use specific diagnostic tools to make the right diagnosis.
  • Learn how each staff member can facilitate case acceptance.
  • Learn how to overcome resistance, barriers and the "secret enemy" of change
  • Learn how to fulfill your potential and tap into the master dentist you've always wanted to be

You staff needs to be trained too!

If you are going to implement change, you can not do it alone.  The people you rely on to make things work in  your practice must be on the same page as you.

This course is most effective if you bring your staff with you and it is recommended that your patient for this course is your office manager, receptionist or clinical assistant, so they an experience the fundamentals of comprehensive care. No dentistry will be done on this patients. Instead,  you will complete a full diagnostic work-up on your patient. This will enable you to analyze and deliver all your diagnostic records, with the forms and systems we provide.

Enrollment is limited to 5 offices only in order to provide personal one on one attention to each participant.


We offer flexible payment plans interest free

Dentist:    $6500

Staff members:   $550 (each)

June 22-24, 2017


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