Why Choose the Eubank Teaching Institute?

What will I learn that can help me better serve my patients?

You will learn the techniques that provide superior esthetics within the framework of optimal occlusion.
Dentists don’t want to perform an esthetic procedure that results in subsequent repair work. But undergraduate universities do not have enough time to sufficiently train dentists in many of the high-demand procedures performed today. By integrating esthetic techniques with the principles of proper occlusion, you will be able to address complex cases with confidence.

You will learn how to provide your patients with proper functional balance.
Eubank Teaching Institute presents a method of “bite balancing.” Instead of simply grinding away tooth structure to achieve equilibration, we add as much tooth structure as we remove to balance masticatory forces.

How will my practice improve?

You will build your reputation by having the ability to deliver superior esthetics and function, even in wear cases.
We have simplified and condensed the essential elements into a workable system. You can implement this system right away. Our practical systems provide predictable results, and give you the confidence and ability to treat even advanced wear cases. Dr. Eubank’s accurate processes create repeatable success – including finding the proper joint position with a verifiable technique. Incorporating these skills into your practice will help you grow your practice and build your reputation.

You will have a support system that can assist you when difficult cases arise.
The time you spend training at the Eubank Teaching Institute focuses on how to apply these techniques to your own practice. Our support system gives you the opportunity to contact Dr. Eubank or his staff to discuss individual cases. In addition, we offer consultation services to give our alumni the ability to work with Dr. Eubank one-on-one when difficult cases arise.

Why should I come to the Eubank Teaching Institute?

To learn a practical system that works.
An understanding and application of the principles of occlusion is a prerequisite for predictable, long-lasting dentistry. A properly engineered occlusion not only improves the comfort and esthetics for patients, but makes seemingly complicated and difficult cases much easier to treat. These principles and their applications can be mastered by any dentist who is striving to deliver a higher quality of dentistry.

To learn principles and techniques that can be applied immediately – a superior learning experience.
Dr. Eubank – the inventor of many of these techniques – instructs and guides as you apply your new skills in diagnosis of the masticatory system and bite balancing. To enhance the learning experience, classes are kept small, and you will receive one-on-one instruction and clinical experience as you learn our techniques in the classroom, practice them in the lab, and apply them in the operatory.