Essential Occlusion for Esthetics and Function

It is essential to understand the rules of function and what a proper occlusion should look like. However, by itself, this knowledge is not enough. There must be a system that is simple enough to be applied routinely in the course of treating our everyday patients. Furthermore, it must be predictable and generate consistent results.

In Essential Occlusion For Esthetics And Function you will learn the same system that I have used and refined with great success for over 28 years. We teach what we do on a routine basis in our offices … come and learn a practical philosophy of occlusion that works!

In this course you will learn:

  • An occlusal philosophy and system that works, whether used for single tooth dentistry or full mouth reconstruction;
  • A method for recording the proper joint position that guarantees accuracy even on patients who resist you;
  • A method to verify that the joint position is correct;
  • A system to prevent veneers and all ceramic crowns from chipping and breaking;
  • How to treat bruxers and wear cases;
  • How to stabilize a case to avoid further deterioration while waiting for the patient to be ready to proceed;
  • What an “engineering check” is and how its use will increase patient comfort and make your crowns last;
  • A system to easily achieve centric relation records and verify that what exists in the patient’s mouth is accurately transferred to the articulator, functionally and esthetically;
  • A step-by-step system for equilibration (bite balancing) that is simple, easy to apply and gets consistent results;
  • How to achieve and monitor the stability of your patient’s occlusion;
  • How your hygienist should be educating your patients about occlusal issues during recall visits.



Dentist    $5300

Lab Technician   $3800

April 6-8, 2017