Stability, simplicity and confidence.
Eubank Laboratories produce the E-appliance, a patented device developed by Dr. Eubank. Dr. Eubank's revolutionary inventions and techniques can be used in a wide variety of situations to create proper balance in the masticatory system.

The E-appliance
The patented E-appliance is simple for your patients to use and easy for you to deliver. As patients use the E-appliance, they create total system stability - relieving muscular and joint pain associated with excessive masticatory forces, eliminating wear and breakdown due to sleep bruxism, and preventing orthodontic relapse. You can prescribe it - and your patients can wear it - with confidence. With the E-appliance, we can now truly stabilize the entire masticatory system.

ERS Appliance (centric relation splint)
The ERS Appliance (centric relation splint) is a single-arch, anterior guidance, immediate disclusion device that, when properly adjusted, protects the teeth from bruxism.

The Bite Relaxer
The Eubank bite relaxer is a simple appliance, customized for each patient, that can be worn overnight or short-term to deprogram a patient prior to diagnosis and equilibration. The bite relaxer fits securely on the upper teeth, preventing masticatory forces from creating stress.

Blue Dot Therapy
Nothing could be simpler. Blue Dot Therapy is a good way for a patient to bring the unconscious habits of clenching and grinding into the conscious mind. As your patient learns to recognize the triggers and actions associated with these habits, she can begin to deal with them.