Prescribing the E-appliance

Preparation for the E-appliance is a simple process. Impressions are the most important part of this process – nothing the lab can do will compensate for inaccurate impressions. if you need help making your impressions, please contact our office. We will be happy to help you.

  1. Take perfect, bubble-free impressions of the upper and lower arches using crown and bridge impression material and tray adhesive (even with preforated trays).
  2. Take a maximum protrusive bite and a CO bite.
  3. Send the impressions to our office for us to pour. Please use impression trays that do not need to be sent back.
  4. Along with each case, send a completed prescription form.
    • Make sure to indicate which appliance you are ordering.
    • Indicate in the special instructions how tight or loose (the amount of snap) you want in the appliance. Remember – the appliance works better if it is not too tight.
    • The patient’s appointment date must be indicated on the form.
  5. Make sure to send:
    • A CO bite.
    • A maximum protrusive bite.
    • Upper and lower impressions or models.
  6. To compensate for curve of spee, indicate if we should provide more vertical opening or provide steeper guidance.
  7. You must pre-schedule all cases. You may contact Eubank Lab by fax, 972.867.2219; by phone (toll-free) 888.596.1811 or by e-mail,
    Should a problem occur, please contact our office. We are here to help you! Please note:
    • Casts fracture routinely during fabrication, and impressions break loose from the tray.
    • When bites are not received, our technical staff will arbitrarily hand articulate the models together
    • Make sure that the impressions and/or models have been checked for distortion and/or voids.

Please call our office for a lab script to be faxed or emailed.

Please ship cases to:
Eubank Laboratories
2101 Teakwood Ln., Suite 100
Plano, TX 75075
(972) 596-1811
Attn: Tabatha Smith