Why is the E-appliance better than any single arch appliance?

  • Success with the E-appliance does not depend on the dentist’s ability to manipulate the joint. With a single arch appliance, the dentist must manipulate the joint into the correct position.
  • Success with the E-appliance does not depend on the dentist’s ability to balance the bite on the appliance. With a single arch appliance, the dentist must perfectly balance 14 separate contacts. The E-appliance has only one contact.
  • The E-appliance is self-adjusting, and places the joint in the most natural position. A single arch appliance must be monitored and readjusted to keep the joint in its most natural position.
  • With the E-appliance, no back teeth touch, so interferences cannot create wear. A single arch appliance allows the back teeth to touch, which can create interferences as it wears.
  • The E-appliance does not need to be adjusted as it wears, because it is self-adjusting, avoiding interferences that stimulate grinding. As a single arch appliance wears, interferences are introduced, so it needs to be constantly adjusted to stay balanced.
  • The E-appliance does not have to be tight to keep it from dislodging or moving, because all forces applied to it will keep the appliance in place. (The E-appliance cannot go into crossover.) Most appliances must snap into place to prevent the appliance from dislodging during function and crossover.
  • The E-appliance allows a patient’s own muscles and anatomy to place the condyle in its most natural position. You will not have to manipulate the joint yourself to find centric relation – it goes there naturally when the E-appliance is in place. With a single arch appliance, you must be skilled at manipulation to get the joint in its most natural position.
  • The E-appliance only requires five or ten minutes of chair time to deliver. A single arch appliance may have to be relined and adjusted, which can take an hour or more.
  • The E-appliance is an easy to use diagnostic tool. When a patient wears the E-appliance for a single night, the absence of pain in the morning indicates a muscular problem that can be predictably treated. Pain that persists or increases indicates an internal derangement, which requires a different treatment. A single arch appliance will allow you to make a proper diagnosis only if it is properly balanced and the joint is in its most natural position.
  • The E-appliance can truly monitor stability over time because it stabilizes the upper and the lower teeth. With a single arch appliance, only the upper teeth are stabilized. The lower teeth can move as the appliance wears.
  • Studies have shown that proprioceptive input from the teeth increases muscle activity and bite force. The E-appliance blinds proprioception of the upper and lower teeth so that bite forces are reduced. A single arch appliance allows proprioceptive input from one of the arches, which increases bite force.
  • Wearing the E-appliance allows the entire masticatory system to rebuild and rest at night, while protecting upper and lower teeth, preventing future wear, cracks and breakdown.
  • Regular wear will allow many patients to get within their adaptive zone and stop – or significantly reduce – breakdown.
  • The E-appliance acts as a retainer to keep teeth from shifting and prevents grinding during the night, thereby preventing orthodontic relapse.
  • Regular wear will increase longevity of existing teeth for patients who choose not to have their bite balanced or have dental work done.
  • This double-arch appliance is smaller, thinner and easier for patients to wear, which improves patient compliance.

The E-appliance is easy to order. Visit this page for instructions and a downloadable ordering form.