/FAQ / VPN Setup Tutorials VPN Setup Tutorials. It does this by using the point-to-point tunneling prescript (PPTP) and can be puzzling to alter up if you're not too tech-savvy. 1 Definition interesting traffic - the IP subnets that have been identified that is to be encrypted within the tunnel, 2 IKE phase 1 – this is the IPsec key exchange phase, 3 IKE phase 2 – IPsec policy and transform sets are processed and agreed, 4 Transfer data – After the tunnel has been established, data can be transferred between the hosts defined within the interesting traffic, 5 Tear down the tunnel - after the transfer of data, the tunnel is removed (unless its a permanent tunnel). //-->, Copyright 2008 - 2011 - Internet-Computer-Security.com - All Rights Reserved. This email address doesn’t appear to be valid. ,