A bridge is a permanent solution for one or more missing teeth. The bridge is a set of false teeth which are anchored in place using existing natural teeth. Most bridges are installed in much the same way as crowns - by removing a large portion of the natural anchor teeth and then permanently affixing false tops, which are connected to the false teeth of the bridge, known as "pontics."

At the Eubank Dental Practice, we have developed a process that protects existing teeth and creates a more realistic-looking bridge. The E-pontic, Dr. Eubank's revolutionary bridge, uses small hooks which wrap around the anchor teeth. These hooks are then bonded into place, securing the bridge tightly. No part of the anchor is visible after the bonding process. Because the bridge is anchored to natural teeth instead of crowns, no portion of the natural tooth needs to be removed.

Another advantage of the E-pontic is the shape of the new tooth itself. Most pontics have an egg shape. The E-pontic, however, has a smooth plane on the portion of the tooth that fits into the empty space. The gum naturally moves out over the tooth, providing an improved, more natural appearance.