Crowns and New Tops

For many years, dentists have removed a significant portion of the tooth structure as preparation for a crown. Because the entire tooth was capped, the natural tooth was ground down until only a “pencil-point” showed above the gum line. However, removing all but a point of the natural tooth can create problems later on.

Dr. Eubank has created the “new top” procedure, which makes it possible to conserve as much original tooth as possible, while creating the natural, healthy appearance that porcelain crowns provide. First, we remove only the damaged portion of the tooth (old filling and decay) then we build the tooth up and put a new porcelain top on the tooth, eliminating the need for grinding the tooth down. Bite balancing is done as part of this procedure, extending the life of the crown and diminishing the possibility of future damage caused by bruxing.

The new top procedure has several advantages for you because we remove less tooth structure:

  • You are less likely to need a root canal, now or in the future;
  • You are less likely to have gum disease around this tooth;
  • You can see under the crown with an X-ray to see decay;
  • It looks more like a natural tooth;
  • A new top is attached with a non-dissolvable medium, eliminating the possibility that the crown will leak.