What is "The right fit?"

You deserve the right fit – a smile that looks good and works the way it should.

Your smile must be individually designed. Aesthetic principles teach us that facial shape and size will dictate the design of the most attractive smile for any individual. Therefore, the most attractive smile must be customized – that is why we start your smile analysis with facial measurements. The height and width of the face are carefully measured, the length of the teeth and gums are evaluated, and a new smile is created – one that provides the best aesthetic result for you. Your facial shape will direct the design of your most beautiful smile.

But the right fit is more than just beautiful teeth. An attractive smile may not be a healthy one. As we improve the appearance of your teeth, we carefully balance your bite, if necessary, creating teeth that work as good as they look. Our process – coordinating proper function with an attractive appearance – creates the right fit.

What does “the right fit” do?

It gives you confidence and pride in your smile. If a dental procedure, such as the application of veneers, doesn’t address underlying issues, such as wear, headaches, a clicking joint, or other pain, the procedure can damage your teeth. To have a truly beautiful smile, the entire dental system must work in harmony. When the right fit is achieved, it means that you have a smile that you can be proud of, and a long-lasting, comfortable bite. A beautiful smile doesn’t create happiness – it reflects it.

The right fit is about you. It's the process of providing you with the healthiest, most beautiful smile possible.

How can I have the right fit?”

Visit the Eubank Dental Practice.

The Eubank Dental Group is composed of three organizations that work together seamlessly to bring beautiful, healthy smiles to patients around the country.

At the Eubank Dental Practice, we focus on cosmetic dentistry and occlusion – the way teeth work together. Dr. Eubank utilizes over 30 years of knowledge and experience to build and maintain strong relationships with his own patients, many of them dentists who have taken his courses and prescribed the E-appliance.

We developed Eubank Laboratories to manufacture the patented E-appliance and other tools that help dentists achieve the right fit in their own practices. The Eubank Teaching Institute provides intensive, hands-on classes in Dr. Eubank’s techniques and appliances.

Patients deserve both function and appearance working in harmony. Achieving this balance requires dedication and care for each patient. You deserve the right fit.