Bite Balancing

The Problem

Bite balancing is a process of evaluating how the teeth should contact one another and changing the tooth by adding or removing small amounts of surface. This is how we achieve the right fit.

Our teeth can contact one another in good ways, but if they contact each other in bad ways, damage may occur. The process of bite balancing adds good points of contact and removes places where the teeth can damage one another. When bite balancing is used as a part of a cosmetic dentistry procedure, it can increase the comfort and longevity of the dental work.

Many times, bruxism is the result of an improper bite. If dental work is done without creating the proper bite, grinding or clenching may result. An unbalanced bite may cause damage to teeth and cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, at the Eubank Dental Center, we balance the bite, if needed, to ensure that our cosmetic dentistry lasts.

The Solution

Bite balancing, a simple procedure done in the office, is a method for achieving a good, balanced fit between your teeth. To achieve the best balance, Dr. Eubank adds new surfaces and removes tiny contact points that keep the teeth from fitting together properly. After this procedure has been performed, the tendency to grind or clench your teeth may be eliminated altogether.

To balance the bite, models of the teeth are placed on a machine that duplicates how you chew. The dentist performs a trial balance procedure on the models first, finding all of the locations where tooth structure must be added or removed to create the right fit. After perfectly balancing the models, the dentist performs the same procedure in the mouth, with the knowledge that it will work. In this way, we balance the bite while creating an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Some patients may continue to grind their teeth even after the bite has been balanced, usually in their sleep. The patented E-appliance, when worn regularly, will eliminate damage to the teeth caused by bruxism that occurs during sleep, and can eliminate the pain associated with it. A thin, easy-to-wear device, this revolutionary appliance will allow you to keep natural teeth longer and maintain a healthier smile while protecting cosmetic dentistry already in place. Learn more about the E-appliance on the Eubank Laboratories web site.